Donation Requests

The Knights of Columbus donates to many charities throughout the area. We base most of our giving on the local community on which we serve. Based in the parishes of St. Michael's Catholic Church in Prior Lake and St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Savage, much of our contributions help service the needs in this area.

We have annual funds set aside for charitable giving, and host numerous fundraisers for various ministries within both parishes. Donation requests from outside civic groups and non-profit organizations are considered at our monthly business meetings and voted on by our membership at our monthly council meeting.

To request funds from the council, you will need to print out this form, fill out all the pertinent information and either email it to or mail it to Rich Myers, Financial Secretary, 4949 Spruce Lane, Savage, MN 55378.

Please be advised that requests will be considered at our monthly meetings and could take up to 60 days to process and receive funds. All requests will be considered and each request will be answered as to its status after it has been presented to the council. Please contact Rich Myers directly at 952-447-4503 with any questions.

Donation Request Form

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